Situated at 300 Notre Dame East, H2Y 1C7, Old Montreal

Robin Square is built on our family traditions and gatherings. Every family member brings their individual skillset to the table to create a final product which is designed to provide the client with the level of comfort they would expect in their own home, because when you enter the door to our restaurant, you also enter our extended family

We were brought up around the table!
Our mother, the back-bone of the organisation is responsible for making every moment spent at the table a special one. She taught us that love makes everything taste so good!

We encourage local and organic farms as much as possible. Our cuisine rests in simplicity, where complex flavours develop from our authentic recipes. Our Chef excels at creating explosions of flavours to awaken our taste buds. Most of our menu is composed of sweet and salty dishes with a touch of sour, bitter and heat. Our chef makes a variety of hot sauces to accompany most plates. We also bake our own breads in house.

The alluring aromas of our creations welcome you into a laid back atmosphere with a cozy decor.


  • Cream of smoked asparagus with Iberville Cheese

    • served with our mom's bread

  • Fried Polenta 19

    • bechamel

    • grilled mushroom

    • parsley emulsion

    • marinated egg

    • sea buckthorn

  • Calamari

    • cauliflower

    • squid ink

    • shrimp

    • roasted red pepper

    • smoked coconut

  • Fish Swagg 22

    • fennel flat bread

    • cured mahi mahi

    • trout gravlax

    • home-smoked salmon

    • sockeye salmon gravlax

    • cheese mousse

    • wasabi tobiko

    • mullet roe

    • herring roe

  • Fried Mozzarella di Bufala 22

    • marinated yellow beets

    • butter cherry bomb

  • Foie Gras Croque Monsieur 26

    • prestige foie gras scallop

    • spicy mayo

    • candied tomatoes

    • smoked bacon

    • gre des champs cheese

  • Guineafowl 34

    • butternut squash puree

    • chicken glaze

    • marinated onion

    • home-smoked and torched St Paulin

  • Mac N Cheese Remix 25

    • Black truffle oil

    • roasted garlic

    • Hawaiian sea salt flakes

    • spiced ham

    • brisket option 5$ +

  • Foie Gras Mi-Cuit 26

    • avril and spiced rhum foie gras

    • autumn spiced bread

    • rhum and butter marmelade

  • Sirloin 40

    • sweet potato fries

    • peppercorn sauce

  • Filet Mignon 45

    • peppercorn sauce

    • sweet potato fries

  • The Ultimate Experience 34

    • Nagano pork belly

    • truffle root celery

    • pear and apricot jam

    • maple albufera sauce

  • Bouillabaisse 32

    • sockeye salmon tataki

    • poached mahi mahi

    • tobiko

    • home-smoked lard

    • scallop potatoes

    • squid ink fish broth

  • Cornish Hen for two Inspired by David Godin 75

    • Granny Smith apple Risotto

    • Dried Currants and sage

    • Market vegetables

    • Blue potatoes and grilled Chorizo

    • Cognac chicken stock

  • Fresh seared mushroom 12

  • Market vegetables 10

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